No 1. Getting ready.

These photos often end up being some of my favorites. There’s just something about the pre-wedding jitters, the little moments of “this is it,” and the (sometimes alcohol-induced) laughs with your best friends. This part is mostly candids – but I usually try to make sure everyone is mostly ready before I take their photos – because you probably don’t want a photo of you with one eye of makeup on or hair half done :).


No 2. What to wear.

While I know most of us like to get ready in an old t-shirt and some sweatpants (or maybe that’s just me), but on your wedding day the photos of you and your wedding party chatting, laughing, and walking around will look so much cuter if your outfits give them a pop! You can get bathrobes (whether they’re the lacy floral kind or the cozy fuzzy ones) on Etsy, and have them monogrammed! The possibilities are endless!

No 3. The space.

The location really defines the look and mood of every photo, and this is also true for the getting ready location. Hotel rooms are notorious for terrible yellow lighting. Consider renting a cute Air BNB to get ready in! Instead of being cramped in a tiny bathroom where the toilet will be in the background of your photos, try to find a big, open room with lots of windows. Windows are the most important part – soft, natural light will make all the difference. It’ll make you look radiant, rather than washed out and yellow.

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