Lydia & Thomas | Emerald Pines Barn Wedding

The Emerald Pines Barn Wedding Venue


Venue: The Emerald Pines Barn | Photographer: RCC Photography | DJ: Energy Event Group | Caterer: Tony’s Catering

Love Story

Our grandparents were really good friends meaning Thomas and I grew up together. We didn’t really start to get feelings for each other until Thomas was a senior and I was a sophomore in high school! We had a mutual friend who pressured us into hanging out and well the rest is history… We just couldn’t get enough of each other despite going to different colleges and post-graduation living 4 hours away from one another. Eventually, we decided it was time to take the next step and move into the same house; the rest is history!

Sioux Falls Engagement Photographer

How do you describe each other to someone hearing about them for the first time?

Thomas’s answer: I’m the indoor one and she’s the outdoor one. She’s a very nice and kindhearted human being, very loving of the environment (her prairies) and her family, she will spend her time outside whenever possible (even if it’s cold).

Lydia’s answer: I talk about how kind and caring of a human he is. He will always be in your corner when you need him and puts family above everything. He is the first person people will call when they need help, and will always put a smile on anyone’s face and try to make your day better. He is a super genuine person.

Wedding Day

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