Top 10 Engagement Photo Locations in Sioux Falls, SD

There are so many amazing photo options in Sioux Falls, SD!

Whether you’re looking for a more industrial city vibe or beautiful rock formations and fields, there are so many great and diverse options in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area that make for the perfect location to document your love story! I find myself constantly continuing to add to my favorites list and love exploring new spots to suggest to clients. Here are some of my top locations for getting a beautiful backdrop and the best engagement photos with yours truly. 😉

1. Downtown Sioux Falls, SD

Of course the city girl in me would pick downtown for the first spot. There are endless hidden gem spots around downtown with many great city overlooks on rooftops and anywhere along the riverwalk by the Hilton Garden Inn you really can’t go wrong with.

Rooftops, historic buildings, museums, CH Patisserie, coffeeshops, the Treasury bar, and more… here are more favorites from engagement sessions downtown!

2. The Hotel on Phillips

While we’re on the topic of downtown Sioux Falls, of course I have to drop my favorite hotel. It’s not only an amazing place to stay with super friendly staff, but also serves for a perfect classic and unique photoshoot with the perfect spot to get some of those trendy flash shots around the lobby and Treasury bar in the hotel. The Hotel on Phillips is truly an iconic spot in Sioux Falls to visit and makes for a great spot for getting ready photos on your wedding day too. Here are some of my favorite photos at the Hotel on Phillips!

3. The Outdoor Campus

Getting into more of our greenery and stunning nature locations. The Outdoor Campus is another spot with so many stunning backgrounds for photos any time of year that you visit — especially FALL. The colors are vibrant as ever in the autumn season and there is the field that separates the trails around the park that make for some gorgeous tones and pair perfectly with neutral colored outfits. I always highly recommend the Outdoor Campus and it is located near the interstate so it’s very quick to get to from any direction of Sioux Falls.

4. McKennan Park

Oh my goodness, this park has really become such a favorite for sessions for me the more times I visit it. Located right in the middle of Sioux Falls, this park has something for everyone and is located in the charming historic district. From the beautiful garden, theater, tennis courts, and intimate ceremony spot — you cannot go wrong at this location. I love to visit this park for a perfect picnic spot and some tennis too in my own time. I love this spot!

5. Lake Alvin

The perfect summer session spot! Lake Alvin is such a great spot to get some of those evergreen trees in the background and almost feel like you jumped to the west side of the state around the Black Hills, this spot is a bit of paradise and others are quickly discovering it’s beauty as well since it can be a pretty busy spot! There are two roads when you arrive at the park, I love taking the right road in to get a bit of a field and hilly scenic along the road and ending at the loading dock. There is a path that you can follow next to the dock that takes you to a gorgeous lake overlook as well that is a short hike that is probably about a 1/4 of a mile into the path — worth the short hike! I also love to take the left path going into the park for more of the beach scene like the photo above — again, can’t go wrong here!

6. Palisades State Park

The Palisades is just about a 30-minute drive outside of Sioux Falls but so worth going! This state park is very big and can get pretty full during summer months and is a popular spot for fall photoshoots, can you blame us? Whether you are wanting the red rock backdrop, evergreen trees, or wildflower field in the summer months, the Palisades has a great variety of spots around the park and great overlooks.

7. Great Bear

Great Bear is just on the edge of Sioux Falls and is another beautiful spot full of rolling hills, greenery, trails, and more. This spot is great to also just explore on your own or go down some of the trails with your doggo.

8. Blue Mounds State Park

Just located outside of Luverne, MN and about a 40-minute drive from the East side of Sioux Falls, the Blue Mounds are another great outdoor location full of red rock and cliff side views and backdrops. This park requires a little bit of walking if you want to get each view in, but there are also great backdrops right as you get into the park on the road leading up to the parking lot. I’ve always had such a perfect sunset at this spot too and the blue hour is incomparable.

9. Landscape Garden Center Greenhouse

Sticking with the greenery, the Landscape Garden Center is THE spot for green backdrops. If you’re a plant girly like myself, this greenhouse is a must if you’re open to trying something a little less Pinterest looking. This greenhouse is huge and has so many great backgrounds for photos — and they’ve now added the option for having your wedding at their greenhouse.

Landscape Garden Centers, Sioux Falls, SD

10. Sioux Falls Studio Rental Space

Last but not least, choose to have your engagement session at one of the studios in Sioux Falls! There are many great studios that offer hourly rentals that can be added onto my engagement packages including White Space Studio, West Sioux Studio, Rhys Studio, Phillips Avenue Studio, and more. These studios spaces literally create a blank canvas for us to create anything we want. I always encourage props like champagne and wine glasses, bright-colored outfits to go with a blank backdrop, bubbles/confetti, cake and donuts, extra outfits, the options are endless. For these shoots I will create a mood board for us too to do something either trendy and fun or modern and chic.

That’s a wrap!

I can’t pick a favorite — all these locations around Sioux Falls offer something unique that can be catered towards many different couples! My suggestion is to look at your relationship and love story and find a location that feels like it would represent it well, or just feels like a fun idea! You can literally go anywhere or even at home for your engagement session. I’m all for any ideas and can’t wait to connect with you and just get stuck in your love story! If you want any help with picking a location, outfits, or wedding planning help, I’m here ready to help and offer any expertise I can!

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