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I want to help you get that extra push you've needed, fill that missing piece, get you out of that rut and find the motivation that you're trying to find again. I know how it is to go through ruts, whether it be with editing style, social media, consistency, or just as a human being. That's why it's so important to me to share what I've learned to help you get past those rough patches so you can get back to loving your craft again.

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1:1 Mentorships

Ask me anything & everything under the sun —
We can cover as much as we can that YOU want to know during our time and this way, we can touch on several topics like the ones below, but don't feel limited! Like I said, I'm an open book. Here are examples of topics we can cover:

• Editing
• Posing + how to create emotional images with couples/families
• The business side of things
• Pricing
• Wedding day workflow
• Marketing
• Website review


The best way to go about this is to have you compile a list of 10-15 questions for us to go over together, with the most important ones you'd like to go over together first so we can get to them right off the bat. The more specific, the better! Want to know how I get certain tones in my photos? Send examples with them so I can be sure we are on the same page. Not sure about your pricing? Tell me specifically what you're struggling with on pricing, and send over your pricing for me to review. The more you help me understand what you want to learn, the more I can help!

If you're late to your session, that amount of time will be deducted from our session.

Payments are accepted through credit or debit card only through an invoice I will send you upon contact form submission.

I know technical difficulties are likely to happen, but be prepared by testing your internet connection beforehand to make sure everything will run smoothly!

Rescheduling your session on your behalf is a $50 reschedule fee.

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I can't wait to meet you!!

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